Interactive whiteboards create a new plateau in teacher mobility

Fuzhou, China
December 16, 2013 8:41pm CST
The popularity of electronic and interactive white boards has skyrocketed, creating a huge and varied market for devices that take training to a new plateau in teacher mobility, student interactivity, and free-form collaboration over distances. These new presentation tools allow efficient preparation, integration, and display of lessons that might include Web-based materials, photographs, video/sound clips, and videoconferencing. Students can have the infrared interactive whiteboard content printed out and distributed to them at the end of the class, freeing them to interact with the instructor instead of furiously scribbling notes. Many of these products enable teachers to control the display from anywhere in the classroom and even let them conduct a collaborative presentation with a student at the board. Tactile, auditory, and visual learners can all benefit from the waycomplex concepts can be demonstrated. Complete lectures can be saved and played, including the instructor’s every word, stroke of writing, and touch of the board. The plethora of models and variety of features make the first challenge one of determining the most appropriate blend of capability and cost. Electronic capacitive interactive whiteboard, sometimes known as peripheral boards or copy boards, have the ability to detect continuously the position of various writing tools and to capture the contents of the board to a printer or electronic storage device incorporated into the product. No computer or projector is necessary. Interactive white boards, on the other hand, work with a computer and projector to allow control of the display from the board. These are available as front projection, rearprojection, or plasma-screen overlay systems. Electronic copy boards or peripheral boards, by sensing the position of the writing tool, capture what is written on the board with marking pens and allow it to be saved in digital form. Interactive white boards can display prepared presentations stored on the computer, allow annotations during class, and then save the modified presentation. If you are interested in any of our products or being our distributors in your local market, pls do not hesitate to contact us. Xiamen Interactive Technology Co., Ltd Add: Floor 1, No.45 Bldg, Wanghai Rd., Software Park Phase 2, Xiamen, China Tel: +86-592-5902910 Fax: +86-592-5902916 Contact Person: Samantha Woo Email:; Skype: maisie-intech; Samantha-intech MSN: website:
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