new order of 1800w electric tricycle motor
Guangzhou, China
December 16, 2013 9:47pm CST
A Netherland customer buys such a powerful motor for his project. The 60v 1800w brushless motor and controller which are usually for electric trikes. We will ship such order in 3 working days. We have a smilar order before as I posted on here: You can see this motor photo and controller photo on this site. Overall size: 2700*1060*1300mm Passenger tank size: 1300*1060mm Wheel base: 2100mm Unladen Weight: 360kg Loading capability: 400kg Max speed: 50km / h Braking distance: 3meters Continously driving mileage: 150km Motor power: 60V 1000w Battery: blocks Climbing angle: = 30 degrees Transmission Model: Chain drive or shaft drive battery charging voltage: 220-240V Tire size: 400-12 We have many such brushless dc motors, from 350w to 2000w. Usually people like a 350w, 500w, and 750w version because such power has been enough for common electric trikes. If you are looking a powerful electric tricycle motor, please try UU motor first. You will like it.
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