Work Overload

Quezon, Philippines
December 19, 2013 10:57pm CST
" My child, don't get involved in too many things. If you try to do too much, you will suffer for it. You won't be able to finish your work, and you won't be able to get away from it either." - (Sirach 11: 10) I remember last school year, I got myself into a work overload. I usually handle five kids for daily academic tutorials but I ended up with ten! i only have myself to blame because I was in this super enthusiastic mode to teach all children with learning difficulties in our area that I accepted every opportunity to help everyone of them. About halfway through the year, I realized it requires super human strength for not only that time is an issue but also my level of patience was pushed to the limit. I barely had time to rest because most of my days were spent teaching, preparing lessons and walking from house to house. I now became aware of the true meaning of the word "exhaustion". I even hired a temporary househelp to attend to my household chores which I can't do anymore with my hectic schedule. Aside from that, I noticed that I became inefficient with my work. There was less quality in my teaching method because I was always running to my next tutorial session. Of course, the children won't know it, but I would know and that bothered me. I did't have the nerve to cancel the tutorials because that would mean choosing among these kids who will remain and who will stop for that would mean I favor some more than the others. Parents would certainly react. Whew! I was do g;lad when the schoolyear ended and I learned my lesson. I now know how to say "no" to some parents no matter how much I really wanted to help their children. I learned how to more prudent in my transactions.
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