How is Jesus Christ real?

Manila, Philippines
December 24, 2013 10:03am CST
It's Christmas time once again. I used to have no problem with my faith. But now, I am uneasy. And I wish I can talk to somebody. Cos I am tired and now confused. Of course no human knows who or what god is. But why do we need Jesus? If I can choose, I would not immediately accept a Jewish god. My culture and soul are very different from where this "son of god" originated. Until now, after many years of my own life, the old story has never cleared. It seems it has become a culture in my country, majority are catholic by default. Perhaps it's not Jesus that's my problem, it's more of my culture, my own faith and the environment, but since faith is a big big issue, I feel it is a major burden, a large factor in making the other things complicated, hidden, harder to understand.
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• Bowling Green, Kentucky
24 Dec 13
For one there is the bible, which u can beleive in or not, but the Romans have many records of him and his good deeds