Holographic Paper Label from Lasersec India

New Delhi, India
December 31, 2013 6:33am CST
Lasersec India offers holographic paper labels with customized barcodes that not only helps an enterprise in positioning its brand but also helps protect its (brands) uniqueness as the hologram paper labels simply can no more be duplicated or reproduced. Previously the manufacturing process of the holographic paper label included the application of the steps of labelling, barcoding and embossing the hologram separately. However, Lasersec harnesses cutting edge holographic technology that allows for incorporating these stages in a single step. Lasersec offers optimized solutions as far as designing the paper hologram labels of its customers are concerned. This leading provider of different formats of holographic solutions excels in advancing holographic paper labels that helps an organization to save time, money and labour. The CEO (Vikas Bhatnagar) of Lasersec India opines unlike the conventional method where barcode strips are affixed only either on the dorsal or ventral side of the hologram sticker we offer avant-garde holographic strips that adds to the originality of a companyÂ?s brand(s). Our paper holographic strips also ensure that the same are inimitable and cannot be copied by other manufacturers. Holographic paper labels are mainly used for canvassing a companys branded product or products. Lasersec India makes hologram paper stickers that are customized according to the specific requirements of its clientele. Hologrammed paper labels made by Lasersec underline the distinctiveness of the brands of different companies and business establishments. The holographic paper labels produced by Lasersec come in two broad categories-striped labels and labels that can register images. Furthermore, these hologram paper labels come with stunning visual effects and offer protectiveness from tampering and tinkering. The paper stickers are also moisture-proof, long lasting, and have immaculate finish that syncs with the product they are stuck on. Lasersec specializes in delivering diverse range of superior quality holographic paper stickers in bulk. Overarching importance is given to the security aspect when making the paper labels according to customers specifications so as to preserve the distinct identity of his product(s). Vikas Bhatnagar says that the uniqueness of our hologram paper stickers lies in the fact that we offer highly optimized solutions that goes a long way in enhancing the appeal of a company insignia or logo. Our paper labels are instrumental in proffering business solutions to companies and firms when it comes to marketing and selling products or services both in offline and online markets. Lasersec makes use of the latest holographic techniques for making paper stickers and labels that simply cannot be duplicated by counterfeiters and forgers. Organizations and establishments that use hologram paper stickers or labels of Lasersec feel secure and confident when it comes to selling their produce in the local or international markets. The holographic labels are ideally suited for affixing on a wide range of products including but not limited to dossiers, DVDs, books, electronic and electrical appliances, digital devices, cartons, and packaging. Vikas Bhatnagar recommends that company should exercise enough caution in selecting a holographic paper label manufacturer. Opting for a paper label or barcode manufacturer that does not follow the basic business ethics can adversely affect the goodwill of the organization. Always go for a vendor that has gained respectability in this trade and has an established background. About Lasersec India-Lasersec India started on its journey of manufacturing holograms in 1998. Since then it has come a long way and presently offers personalized holographic solutions including hologram aluminium foils, blister foils, scratch holograms, and much more. For more information visits:
Lasersec India – A Leading Custom Paper Labels Manufacturers/Suppliers in India for different type of products to display product details on the company products.
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