Quezon City, Philippines
January 1, 2014 1:33am CST
Hello. I wonder who many among mylot members have visited our country. The Philippines, my beloved, her beauty has been devastated by a lot of natural and man-made calamities. Happy New Year's day everyone. Together with a brand new year, I would like to reiterate all those that happened in my country on the year 2013 that reshape the country and the people's values towards life and death. First, the typhoon Yolanda or Haiyan (foreign names). Thousands of our fellows from Tacloban and Leyte lost their lives and properties. It was a storm surge that hit lives to death. The Philippines had not experienced any storm surge before and thus never expected a storm surge like that. Our fellows from Leyte and Tacloban are currently recovering from their losses and honestly they need our help. Second, the eight division boxing champion had won over Rios. He had dedicated his winnings to the typhoon Yolanda victims but sad to say the Bureau of Internal Revenue is currently chasing after him. Manny is a good man and those BIR people were so harsh to him. Manny had been giving pride to all Filipinos and yet they were making him starved for he was not enjoying his winnings. Third, Donaire also had won his fight. Kudos. We are all so happy for him after a defeat too. Fourth, a lot of Filipina beauties had won international titles. Ms. Megan Young has been hailed as the Miss World 2013. She is amazing and a very kind heart. Ms. Mutya Datol, Ms. Supranational 2013 and Ms. Bea Rose Santiago too, Ms. International. There are also runner ups. Fifth, the month long Zamboanga City war between the government and the MILF. So many had died. Guys, you see 2013 had been so harsh to the Filipinos but we all manage to SMILE and HOPE for a better future ahead of us. Whatever bad memories we had, we left it in our heart not as a wound but as a star that keeps on shining and encouraging us to live with love and peace. My love to all Filipinos and Happy New Year one and all.
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