Thinking out loud ...

Russian Federation
January 2, 2014 6:41am CST
Sometimes come to mind different thoughts , sometimes we put up with them , sometimes not. Some make us go to the acts about which we regret , some of quite the contrary ... But of all we remember throughout our lives. What is important is that we come to what that action as a result of reflection, no matter what , or still more to think before how or what to do differently . But what if just this problem and kroitsa our present existence. After all, regardless of our actions leading to the change, which we are happy or not at all, and we continue to live life loses its meaning.  I think many of us are accustomed too categorically refers to change our lives. Exposing our brains to think so. Can we stop dreaming ? Where would you imagination that a child made ??us believe in miracles. I'm not trying to idealize our existing world . But how can you be so realistic to have to stop just to live . Life becomes much more boring when you think over many steps ahead of his life. No, I'm not saying it's wrong, but it's like a game of chess. Great game, but you can not listen to the whole life to play it , it's boring in my opinion , is not interesting ... Same as pop coin , while knowing or "heads " or " tails ." Well of course , for some , almost impossible embodiment winning "edge" ... Only when a pop , the " edge " does nobody thinks . Strange my reflections led me to only one thought - predictability. That it makes us to do so , as is the case with the coin .
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