All-in-one touchpad wireless alarm system with GSM communicator

Guangzhou, China
January 2, 2014 7:39am CST
Now start to protect and monitor your property with latest design self-contained all-in-one alarm system G60-Ultimate from world leader alarm equipment manufacturer-Unifore Security. The company is one of professional alarm solution provider offering both intrusion detection and video surveillance security solutions. The G60-Ultimate security alarm system by Unifore includes protective features to be able to ensure the safety of your house including a built-in 3G cellular communicator for high speed, secure alarm communications as well as the capability to locate additional wireless devices where ever in the home. The Impassa Wireless Security System works with as much as 64 wireless zones and also 16 wireless keys, without using up any zone slots. Entirely wireless, home owners will not have to worry about the misunderstandings of having a plethora of wired devices to setup, ultimately reducing time and energy wasted on such a hassle. Unifore has implemented the usage of two back-up alarm communicators for their alarm systems. The built-in Quadband GSM Communicator communicates through the GSM channels, and the PSTN Communicator through the telephone line channel. In the event the phone line is tampered with or any power miscommunication takes place, the G60-Ultimate will certainly instantly move over to one of the back-up alarm communicator methods. These communicators conveniently utilize the home owner's already existing Internet connection to ensure protected lightning-fast speed for an all around reliable and secure alarm system. Extremely user-friendly, the G60-Ultimate is simple to install and can be up and running in a matter of minutes to immediately become your home security solution. "Easy-to-Learn" makes it easy intended for end users to enroll various wireless equipment into the G60-Ultimate security system in much very less time of time. Unlike traditional alarm systems, It utilizes this cellular network as its path of connection via advanced GSM/3G technology allowing for faster data transmission along with a longer life cycle span. Just like a cell phone, the alarm panel can display its cellular strength to be able to help determine the best place to mount it would be. The real time clock on the keypad also updates the date and time via the cellular connection. [url] [/url] [url=][/url]
Alarm system can talk, supports two-way intercom, thermostat temperature control, dry output with smart control, 30 wireless zones, 4 wired zones, equipped with GSM communicator.
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