Be Polite.

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Bangkok, Thailand
January 2, 2014 10:46pm CST
Times change and apparently for being polite in decent living habits too. We heard it every day or have the experience ourselves especially when we are communicating with someone. We hardly hear the way of people’s good vocabulary and manners that we have learned. The polite words in which we have been brought up for is rarely being heard from the mouths of younger generation. Being polite are starting to get extinct and it seems to be superfluous for calling the names of their Parents with Father (Daddy ) or Mother ( Mama) , but start with the given name directly. When they are being called and addressed by the children with their given names, so it actually starts to be sounding strange for others to think who they are now, because someone else will not think they are their parents.. No one will be able to guess they are the parents as they are being called by their first names directly. This is the modern era they say or is it meant to be unmannerly? Either our thinking are too old fashioned, because we can lose control over it or we have to accept this and adapt ourselves with it ? Perhaps it is already too far advanced and to turn back on something that has been changed will be more difficult. Applying respect and to be polite to others is more difficult to implement in certain circles. Because in these circles, polite and respectful responses will be seen as a sign of weakness and not even can be appreciated. Let us imagine and asking ourselves politely where this will lead us to in the coming years. I wish you a healthy life. Kindly Regards, Author Jan Jansen
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