If he's the one then why did it end?

Manila, Philippines
January 3, 2014 3:42am CST
Of course, your heart is going to beat. A lot of people can make your heart skip its beat. But once in a while, we come across someone who makes it feel like this time is gonna be different. But how do we know when it's a big go and a big no? Damn, it's too broad. We all love differently. We associate it with too many experiences accompanied by different sensations. And the list goes on and on. No matter how cliched this may be, love could be walking hand in hand but when you don't go by the norms, does that mean it's the other way around? It always depends on our perspective, isn't it? But if that person showed you and make you feel what love is, how come relationships end one after the other? Is it because it wasn't love from the very beginning because as they say true love doesn't wither? Or is it because he's not the one, afterall? Then, who is the one? How do you know when he's your other half?
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