Great Baton Passers Pokemon X and Y

Knox, Indiana
January 7, 2014 3:04pm CST
are quite a few good baton passers in Pokemon X and Y but my favorite is Solrock and the reason for that is because of its great movepool.Solrock is 1 of the 3 pokemon in the entire game that can learn Baton Pass and Cosmic Power...However Solrock has been nerfed and can no longer learn Baton Pass in Pokemon X and Y.So I will have to wait patiently for Poke Bank to come out so that I can once again use this great Baton Passer. is a great Wish Passer because of its bulk and Movepool not to mention its high HP.I'v been using Umbreon for a long time and unfortunately Umbreon has been nerfed really bad.Umbreon can no longer learn Play Rough and Heal Bell those two moves is what gave Umbreon a chance in the OU tier(In my opinion).Well anyways I will still be waiting for Poke Bank for this great Baton Passer. I'm sure many of you know it has great speed and speed is only really good for its speed not much anything else accept for its 90 base attack and with Sword Dance it can pack a punch fast. Thank You for reading my post this is my Youtube channel
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