what should l do ?something about love.

By vivi
Wuhan, China
January 9, 2014 8:01am CST
l love the one who do not love me at all (l think) .but he says that he is willing to be together with me ,but l do not think l am happy enough ..and so is him...what should l do .and l can not be happy without him ,though l know there are many pepole in the world.....l feel upset......what should l do .........confused,,,,,
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• Chicago, Illinois
10 Jan 14
Why do you love this person? What is so special about someone who doesn't love you? I can understand the feeling when you are in love with someone but to be in love and have nothing in return then it is Pain. What you can do or better what I would do is try to find someone else and stay friends with this person otherwise if you agree to be with him and you know he has no feelings you will be hurt at the end, because he might find someone else or he would stay with you but nobody will be happy.
• Wuhan, China
11 Jan 14
well ,thanks for your sincere words...he is the man l have never met before ,l just can not use words how to explain him,or maybe l am beatifying him deliberately now.....l have tried to expect the person who persuited of me but failed finally...do u believe the words that love the one need not any reasons.....by the way,,your smile is charming...ha...
@Aex021 (3)
• Guangzhou, China
30 Sep 14
follow you heart!