PSD to Magento template facts you must know

New Delhi, India
January 10, 2014 7:13am CST
Introduced in the year 2008, Magento has definitely become a leading e-commerce content management system used by reputed web developers across the globe. If you’re a Magento developer, then you’ll be pleased to know that Magento template is one of the finest open source content management systems that have worked wonders for e-commerce websites. There’s no doubt on the fact that PSD to Magento template has been successful in combating the usual restrictions to web designs. Through this article, I’ll be making you acquainted with some basic facts about PSD to Magento template that you must know before proceeding with the website conversion process. A brief overview on Magento Magento has gained an immense amount of popularity in the e-commerce world. Equipped with a wide range of features, functionalities and high performance, Magento has been ruling the e-commerce development solutions industry. As an interactive platform, Magento can be utilized for building extremely user-friendly and feature-rich e-commerce stores. It’s compatibility with Apache, MySQL and PHP makes it a universal e-store development platform. Scalability and flexibility are two major features that make Magento different from other web development tools. Unveiling PSD to Magento template facts Magento is one of the popularly used templates used for building high-end e-commerce webs portals. Here’s a list of some facts about Magento template that are a must-know for you: Easy-to-use- Irrespective of whether you have the technical knowledge or are a professional, using Magento template is what comes up as a handy option for developing e-stores that stand out from the crowd. Easy interface allows you to organize the look and feel of your e-store as per your business requirements. Companies offering PSD slicing to Magento can offer other conversion services as well- One of the major but usually unnoticed facts about PSD to Magento template is that the companies offering this conversion service are also competent in offering services pertaining to conversion of JPEG and PDF formats to Magento template. Web developers perform this website conversion task without the loss of any important information. As a website owner, you need not pay a huge sum of cash on switching your JPEG and PDF files to Magento, you can easily opt for a company that’s involved into converting a PSD site into one that operates on Magento. PSD templates have complex components that can be improved upon by incorporating the features of Magento- Very few web developers are aware of the fact that PSD templates are better known for their complex components. These components are arranged in several layers and gathering a little guidance of a trained Magento developer can aid you in improving these components to grab the attention of customers. Magento template comes with definitive features that aid in creating payment gateway- Using Magento for building your e-store allows you to save money on incorporating a payment gateway. Magento templates come with some definitive features that can be utilized for creating secure and robust payment gateways. Summary Magento’s well-defined architecture will surely turn to be best fit for interacting with your audience. Hope the facts mentioned above would’ve surely helped you get a better opinion on Magento template that’s been fetched from a PSD file.
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