Success is going Through Multiple Times of Failure Without Losing Enthusiasm

Daily Poetry and Stories Portal - Success is going Through Multiple Times of Failure Without Losing Enthusiasm
Bangkok, Thailand
January 11, 2014 10:20pm CST
Everything we do from the heart in our life will give us more satisfaction to succeed. An enthusiastic human is someone who is lively with a boisterous behavior over a subject and therefore has a huge enthusiasm with a motivation for doing something. A enthuse person stands out to others by a striking dose of positive energy and showing actual deployment. Never influence by others to stop after a failure but be dedicated to get more inspiration power in order to succeed for something. The energetic enthusiasm and persuasion are few things which will not fail in the end, because there are always new opportunities to be found. Enthusiasm is a form of inspiration that impels us to overcome every adversity and ultimately increases the chances of success. Therefore never start something if there is no enthusiasm from the heart to get something done. If it fail, after will only deteriorate our inner feelings and will not give ourselves a second chance to finish it. If we are able to start with enthusiasm after a failure, then we willing to do everything to get success. Let the heart speak so we will never lose our enthusiasm for something on the way to success. I wish you a healthy life. Kindly Regards, Author Jan Jansen
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• Philippines
24 Jan 14
thanks for this post, it is something that will truly inspire more people to keep on reaching for their dreams no matter how difficult it may seem and no matter if they failed many times. even albert einstein failed countless times before he was recognized by the world.
• Calgary, Alberta
12 Jan 14
yeah failure is not the end, its only the beginning of the road to success