Check the accuracy of bearing installation accuracy

Nanjing, China
January 13, 2014 7:32pm CST
What are the aspects of bearing installation calibration? Inspection should pay attention to what matters, to explain to you the following related knowledge, hope to help you. Install the angular contact ball bearing in the spindle, the precision of calibration sequence is as follows: 1, measure the size of the shaft and bearing hole, to determine with precision of the bearing, cooperate with requirements as follows: Outer ring and bearing hole clearance fit, the interval 0 ~ + 6 microns; Inner ring and the shaft to interference fit, interference of 0 ~ + 4 microns (at light load, high precision of 0); Shaft and hole surface roundness error in under 2 microns, bearing the face of baffle used parallelism in 2 microns 2, fixed end before the installation of IKO bearings on the shaft IKO bearing with clean to clean a thorough cleaning of kerosene, the grease lubrication, first will contain 3% ~ 5% of organic solvent injection IKO bearing grease for degreasing, cleaning and quantitative grease oil gun will fill in the IKO bearings of IKO bearing space volume (10% ~ 15%); Heating IKO bearings make up 20 ~ 30 ?, IKO bearing load shaft end with the hydraulic press, Will set casing pressure on the shaft and with appropriate pressure against IKO bearing face makes its axial positioning; Will spring balance tape volume on IKO bearing outer ring, use the method of measuring start torque calibration of pre-loaded whether there is a substantial change (even IKO bearing is correct, but due to cooperate or cage, the deformation of the preload is also has the potential to change). 3, IKO bearings, shaft assembly into the hole Heating holes make up 20 ~ 30 ?, with a continuous gentle pressure of IKO bearing - shaft assembly into the hole; Adjust the front cover, make the front cover of the fastening quantity from 0.02 to 0.02 mu m, with IKO bearing outer end face as a benchmark, the dial gauge meter resistance on shaft neck surface, will beat measuring the rotation axis, request error under 10 microns. Will be located on the shaft, dial gauge meter resistance in the back seat hole surface, the axis of rotation to measure IKO bearing hole of the coaxial degree before and after. 4, will be free end IKO bearing selectively on May offset the position of the deviation, installed to the IKO bearing support position, after offset each other as much as possible of roundness error and axiality deviation.
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