To My Fellow Teenagers

Quezon City, Philippines
January 13, 2014 10:50pm CST
Sometimes, you know, it sucks to over think and whenever I do, I wish I could have a smaller brain so I won't notice all the sh*t in this society where I am living. So I sat here in the school library with my girlfriend and after a few minutes, she has to go home so yeah... I'm alone and began to think about my blues so I decided to write this post and share my thoughts with you. So let's see, look at that girl on my left. Seems like she's so down about her boyfriend. I wonder why teenagers bother so much about their relationship partners. Some even down themselves so much to the point that they want to quit their studies and even refuse to eat. Some seems to be so desperate on having a relationship partner as if it was a necessity. They put so much attention, time, and effort on their partners not realizing that they were still in college and somebody is working too hard just for them to study. Try to watch the television and look how other poor families struggle so much just to put their children on education and how these little kids walk in kilometers and cross lakes and mountains just to go to school. Last week, I had watched this documentary (Motorcycle Daries "Tulay" Episode by Jay Taruc) wherein children cross a very dangerous CABLE WIRES like what we are watching in Circus shows... just to get to the other side of the mountain where their school is located. Risking their lives everyday just to attend their classes. (Watch the Documentary below this post) AND LOOK AT YOU, everything was offered. You don't have to risk your lives everyday just to go to school. You have nice car, a nice uniform, complete books, pens, iPhones, laptops and other necessary things for your studying convenience. Yet, you stress yourself so much. Thinking that you are the most pitiful human being on earth just because you don't have a love life or your relationship partner cheated on you. DAMN, DUDE! Ask yourself! How old are you? At this point, always remember that if your partner truly loves you, he/she won't demand such effort but would serve as an inspiration for you to pursue you're studies and not contrary to the latter! He/she should want you to have a better life. YOUR FLIRTY STUFF WON'T PAY THE BILLS. Another thing, If your partner cheated on you, yes it is such a pain on the ass but you don't have to change yourself for the worst and deprive yourself from happiness. You'll be the loser, kid! Show that you are much worthy for someone else. Focus on your studies, conquer your dreams, have a deep relationship with God and be successful! AIM TO THAT! You may say that it is all natural for teenager to feel and experience such things. Yes, I did experienced it too. I fell in love and I have a girlfriend right now but that's not my point. I know these things were inevitable but do not forget what you should be really doing at your age. Think about your future and it is really really important more than you'll ever know. Just take a look at the price of commodities nowadays. Do you realize how difficult it is to find a stable job on the future? Just so you know, it is so hard to earn money in the present. What more on the future? Maybe you'll tell me that you're rich, and your parents will leave something for you on the near future but I guarantee you, that those riches that your parents had worked hard for would go into nothing if you don't have the right knowledge, right attitude, and right education. So come on, change your mind-set as early as you can before it's too late. There's no time for you to loaf around and flirt on your crushes and focus on the wrong things. I may sound like your parents but I promise, this is all true. FYI, I am only 17 years old and I came up to this thoughts because I had experienced it and regret how much time I had wasted before. A wise man learns from his mistakes BUT a man who learns from the mistakes of others is WISER. Thinking how much my parents are working hard just for me to study inspires me to give my best in school. Since I am the only child, I am striving to give them good and satisfying life on their retirement stage and give back what they deserve. I was so afraid to be poor. And whenever I am out of focus because of unnecessary things, I often ask these to myself: Would you still stress yourself on something unimportant? Imagine your future wife yelling at you because you don't have money to give to satisfy the needs of your children. Imagine your future sons and daughters dressed in old clothes and dirty clothes. Do you want yourself to have this kind of life in the future? If so, then go on. Quit your studies and focus yourself on having a love life. Focus yourself on your partner starting from now. But then I look around me, remember my parents, realize the kind of life that we have. These inspired to finish my studies, focus on being successful, return the favor from my parents someday, conquer my dreams and achieve my goals. You'll see, finding the right partner for me will just be a piece of cake. PLUS, Your mind will be much broader in choosing the right one. REMEMBER you are finding a partner for a LIFETIME not a part-time partner. Ask yourself: * Am I focused on the right stuff which is essential for my future? * Am I doing a step, a leap, or a crawl on for a better future? If your answers is YES then keep it up and do more. Break the limits and keep yourself focused. But if you're answer is NO, then start to drop off the unnecessary loads that are preventing you to fly and soar high.
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• Guangzhou, China
16 Jan 14
That's something we must experience. I think. However bitter, sweet or strange it is, just go into it and when we become older, we will find what a beautiful memory it is! Enjoy your life, my friend.
• Moradabad, India
16 Jan 14
• Calgary, Alberta
15 Jan 14
I am not a teen anymore but that video makes me feel guilty since i was a happy go lucky person in my teens. I cut classes a lot and I had skipped school a lot. It makes me feel bad about the things I had done,.