Spring festival is the chinese new year

Fuzhou, China
January 14, 2014 8:11pm CST
Spring Festival is one of the most important traditional festival for chinese people, it is time for us to get the whole family together, celebrating the new coming year. 2014 Spring Festival is located in January 31.We have 7-day public holiday in China for Spring Festival. ————————interactive whiteboard The Origin of Chinese New Year First day of the first lunar month in the traditional Chinese lunar calendar, known as the Moon, commonly known as “New Year” and “New Year.” The long history of the Spring Festival, which originated in the Shang period the year draws to a close servicemen and the memorial activities. According to China’s Lunar, the first day of the first lunar month yen ancient name, Yuan-chen, a copy, is Emperor, the New Year Day, which is commonly known as Day of the Republic. switch to the Gregorian calendar, the calendar on January 1 as New Year’s Day, January 1st called the Lunar Spring Festival. In accordance with established practice, a month before New year’s Day, people begin to buy food clothes and decorations for house. Most people living away from home are back home. The time become the business time for transportation. It is crazy and will last about half month. ————————interactive whiteboard During the Spring Festival, people use red lantern and Spring Festival couplets to decorate house. People wear new clothes and visit friends and relatives. For Family, on Spring Festival’ eve, they get together to have a big dinner, such as eating dumplings, fish, meat and other delicious food. Children are looking forward to receiving red envelope money, they play the fireworks, with happy. When you are walking on the street, you will find dragon and lion carnival activities. Every year CCTV will reported this grand Spring Festival gala. On this festival, When people meet their neighbours or friends, they’ll say:”Happy New Year!” The New Year celebrating activitise will last about half a month. It began in the last day of the lunar year, end in the 15th day of lunar New Year, also is the Lantern Festival. All stuffs from INTECH wish everyone success in your career and happiness of your family! Peace All Year Round! May All Your Wishes Come True! Xiamen Interactive Technology Co., Ltd Add: Floor 1, No.45 Bldg, Wanghai Rd., Software Park Phase 2, Xiamen, China Tel: +86-592-5902910 Fax: +86-592-5902916 Contact Person: Samantha Woo Email: MARKET@cnintech.com; Samantha@cnintech.com Skype: maisie-intech; Samantha-intech MSN: cnintech6@hotmail.com website:
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