Pets are a Nuisance Sometimes But we Love them Anyway!

Quezon, Philippines
January 18, 2014 1:28am CST
I came home from work and was greeted by my little dog (he's 3 months old) , Mr. Koo. He showered me with his kisses and whimpers and it slowly drowned my fatigue away until I actually entered the house.... Pillows scattered with their insides strewn everywhere, my clothes which were in the laundry basket were also all over the place. My new sandals, a present for me last Christmas which had pretty little flowerettes on it bore bite marks with the flowerettes gone forever. The lower portion of our wooden door was chewed mercilessly, as were two of our plastic chairs. Magazines and some of my children's books piled neatly on my desk were also dispersed across the living room with some of the pages ripped. I was livid with anger. I was tired, hungry and stressed out from work and to see the house like this is just exasperating. I screamed, "KOO!!" I picked up the broom ready to hit my dog when I saw him hiding under the table with his tail tucked under him in fright . I called him , "Come here, you bad dog!" He approached me slowly with ears hanging backwards, and eyes fluttering in guilt and shame. I was taken aback. I called him and he jumped into my lap and again gave me kisses. I realized can't hit him. But he got a good scolding instead. And he was not allowed to sleep on the bed with us for two nights. Pets. Sometimes a nuisance but the comfort and joy they give is surely more than the trouble they cause. I can't imagine life without them.
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