Features, Uses and Operations of Mercedes Benz Star Diagnostic Computer Tool

Dallas, Texas
January 20, 2014 1:57am CST
The MB star C3 is a diagnostic tool used by technicians to diagnose problems in all Mercedes Benz vehicles built in 1989 up to date. This tool is a multi language type and hence can be used by different technicians from different parts of the world to diagnose problems in all Mercedes Benz vehicles. The languages used include English, Chinese, German, Spanish, Danish, Korean, Italian, Japanese, French, Greek, Croatian and Hungarian. This multiple language ability makes it a multi user tool. The MB star C3 diagnostic tool is used in diagnosis of different Mercedes Benz models like autobustrucks, saloon cars, and sports cars and so on. The Mercedes Benz star diagnostic computer performs different functions in a Mercedes Benz vehicle. It has the ability to: · Diagnose all electric system faults · Read trouble codes · Erase the trouble codes · Transmission and erasing of live data · Code and program signals · It does component testing and adaptation · Show component location diagrams · Show the wiring diagram of vehicles · It reads real time data of sensor and actuator. The Star diagnosis Mercedes Benz tool has been tested and found effective in diagnosing problems in many parts of all Mercedes Benz vehicles. It has the capability to diagnose problems in the engines, autospeeed, air conditional system, Dasx system; keyzess go system and Benz original anti theft. Apart from these, other arts include: the SRS, ABS, ML, GM and MPL. This diversification of functions makes it a multi user tool worldwide. Furthermore, the tool applies a high-tech central gateway system of car model 211/221 and 203 with the software updated version of 2013.07. The Mercedes star C3 product software include: the automatically diagnosis assistance system ,the concise interface and the straightforward operation with IBM enabled computer in order to recognise quick and accurate code reading as well as the whole car system testing. Secondly, it has a workshop information software system supply for viewing the car’s wiring system, maintenance method and component location diagram. It also performs the engine configuration and detailed car models. The Mercedes Benz C3 product software also contains the electronic parts catalog, the part location finder as well as the movement management system and self-test. The complete package of Mercedes Benz Star diagnostic computer must have: a multiplexer, a 16 pin OBD2 cable, a 4 pin cable, a 38 pin cable, a 14 pin track cable, a com cable ,a serial adapter cable, a RS232 to RS485 cable and a 80G hard disc for DAS,EPC and WIS. Article Source:
The MB star C3 is a diagnostic tool used by technicians to diagnose problems in all Mercedes Benz vehicles built in 1989 up to date.
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