A terrible day

January 20, 2014 8:36am CST
It really a dark day, there are two things came out and let me down seriously 1. I got a physical examination today, my doctor told me that my health stuck in a negative situation. I should stop stay out since tonight for a healthy body. 2. My career plan was suppressed by an unreasonable rules which is beneficial to the Senior management, I lose my hope and feel disappointed , I have no confidence that I'm patient enough to wait a new management system would be built .
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@dawnald (84146)
• Shingle Springs, California
22 Jan 14
I hope your health improves. As for the career, how about finding another company with more prospects?
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• Jamaica
21 Jan 14
I am sorry to hear about your trip to the doctor. My doctor told me that i was too fat and needed to lose some weight. what I did was to work on it and lost some. I am still working on it. whatever you need to do to make you healthy please do it. Its just this one body we have and we have to take care of it for it to take care of us. Your job: I was so frustrated at where I work because supervisors were all about themselves and their friends. I trusted God and now I am in a job I love (not being Secretary but working with the Attorneys). I plan to pursue my degree in Law. My encouragement to you is go for the job of your dreams one that you will love doing no matter what the supervisors say. They cant stop you only you can stop yourself. Get yourself out of the doldrums and work towards the career of your dreams. I am 45 and I am working towards mine. Be of good cheer and God bless!!
• China
23 Feb 14
thank you for your encouragement,you are a person with positive power and I really cheered up by your advices. I am a Chinese girl. I just want to talk out my nagetive emotion in a free space without familiar people's attention when I wrote down these words. and now your answer let me feel warm and powerful, it is a good experience. Wish you be successful in lossing weight and get a fit body^_^
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• Jinan, China
17 Apr 14
@huangyewu123 i never got weight .i juz jimpness
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