How to Resume Process File Download Internet Download Manager (IDM) is Failing

Bandung, Indonesia
January 21, 2014 3:28am CST
How are you all, may be okay for my friend all ya .. amen Okay, maybe there are definitely among my friend all ngalamin ever fails to continue downloading files on the Internet Download Manager (IDM) because the session expired . Mending that the file you downloaded is small can be started again from scratch, but if its a large file such as Giga Bytes are in trouble and certainly very annoying .. But calm, admin will share " How to Resume / Resume in IDM Process File Download Failed ". Note the wells : First of all open Internet Download Manager (IDM) it, then right click on the file that failed in the fill / on-resume and select Properties . Then there appeared a new window, copy the link which is in the address column and paste the link that was in the copy in the address bar of the browser (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.) have pal. It aims to re-visit the location of the download file. Once the link is open, re-download files that can not continue / resume. In the file download window appears when the " do not "click start download , but copy the link that is in column URL Continue to go back IDM has pal , right click on the file you want to continue / resume at select properties Paste the link that was in the copy in the address field , then click OK Right-click again on the file to be in resuming download process, and then select Resume Download . And taraaa download process smoothly again ..
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