High Damage Archery Build of Neverwinter Hunter Ranger Guide

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January 21, 2014 9:15pm CST
Archery is the first path on neverwinter Hunter Ranger class, hone your sight and focus with the bow. This archery build relies on your key encounter skills and at-will skills to produce massive damage, make mobs are death from a distance, and for damage switching into melee for buffs or situationally. At-will: Aimed Shot, Split Shot PvE Encounter: Thorn Ward, Commanding Shot, Split the Sky PvP Encounter: Marauder's Escape, Boar Hide, Fox’s Cunning Daily: Seismic Shot, Forest Ghost PvE Class: Aspect of the Pack, Twin-Blade Storm PvP Class: Aspect of the Falcon, Twin-Blade Storm Other skills that you get swapped: Disruptive Shot, Rapid Shot, Constricting Arrow, Binding Arrow As for Powers, Aspect of the Serpent is great if you're hybrid, but you will find it clunky and easily replaced with Lone Wolf. As of right now Forest Meditation is glitched as well; you either get the deflection or control immunity, not both. I prefer the deflection. Fox Cunning/Shift is one of your most powerful melee skills and essential in ranged PvP. Take it. Boar Charge is another powerful melee. I like using it on clerics to lock them down and prevent healing. Electric Shock is useless, but Clear the Ground is a very effective melee. I'll usually pair it with Aimed Shot and Split Shot to help me when people get close in PvP. As for Feats, please ignore Predatory Action. Your daily skills don't really do much, so spend the points on Toughness for more HP instead. Take Swift Footwork. Mobility is huge for rangers, and to stay mobile we need Stamina. Recommended gear for archery: Grand Warden T2 set, Dread Legion T2 set and Royal Guard T2 set Grand Warden, 2 Piece: +450 Critical Strike 4 Piece: When you critically strike with an At-will power, there is a 20% chance that your next Encounter power will deal 1,735 more physical damage. Dread Legion, 2 Piece: +450 Critical Strike 4 Piece: When dealing damage,you have a chance to activate Illusionist's Grip on your target for 2 seconds.When this effect expires,Illusionist's Grip jumps to a new nearby target.It will jump twice. Royal Guard, 2 Piece: +450 Armor Penetration 4 Piece: When dealing damage to a foe you have a chance to reduce all of your cooldowns by 30%. Last, Archery path is also can focus on damage at range, picks up the buff stuff to aid with combat and control the enemy, you can try it. Neverwinterstore provide the good d&d neverwinter guides for you, hope it works for you, good luck! Source From: http://www.neverwinterstore.com/news/165--high-damage-archery-build-of-neverwinter-hunter-ranger-guide
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