Embrace Change – Organize Your Space

Mississauga, Ontario
January 27, 2014 12:56am CST
Embrace change. Transform old furniture into new, more functional pieces with easy step-by-step changes thus organize your space. Follow fresh and affordable ideas to bring amazing makeover with the minimalist. No matter what skills you have, you can complete a furniture makeover. Use fun and easy to handle paint techniques to update a dresser, chair, table, or bookcase, and take items from dull to beautiful in less than a weekend. Do-it-yourself ideas such as drawer pulls,storage built-ins, and even headboard projects to create a furniture piece that reflects your personal style. Learn to update cabinet doors, personalize a nightstand orcustomize a chair, complete an upholstery project and add new furniture pieces in between to create a blended look. This budget-friendly alternative to purchasing complete New Furniture not only reuses discarded pieces, but it also allows you to create a one-of-a-kind item that reflects your personal décor. Make your kitchen, the center of chaos most of the times, a sleek and highly functional space. Create zones in your kitchen by grouping itemsaccording to their function. For example, in your kitchen, a stand mixer tucked in the corner by the refrigerator and shelves above house mixing pots and baking necessities. On the opposite side of the refrigerator, a breakfast prep zone can have all morning frantic items: shelves with bowls and glasses, coffee mugs, and canisters of cereal. An intelligent alternative for those cavernous corner shelves, swing-out shelves make storage easy.The tiers of shelves accommodate a pantry's worth of dry goodswhile rails on the shelves protect items from falling off. Plus, the swing-out function brings every item front and center. Such are the miracles of Modern Furniture. Creating a sense of togetherness is surprisingly simple when you adopt integrated storage. The first step should be having realistic ideas about how everyone uses the room so you can give each activity some space of its own. Such agreed-upon zones avoid accidents and keep activities enjoyable while containing clutter. Try using sectionals to utilize space smartly. Create a bed alcove filled with storage that reflects the look of a built-in. Assemble the bookcases according to reading frequency.You can arrange the bookcases on the floor with one on top, shelves facing front. Connect the bookcases using solid metal mending plates on the top corners and back where the pieces meet for extra strength. Attach the finished unit to the wall using the manufacturer's brackets for years to use. Mount the sconces by drilling holes in the solid side panels of the bookcases. Thus doing more with less and creating an amazing functional space from the old one. Make your life easy, organize your space, spend less, gain more and embrace every change with your heart.
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