Interior Design Trends 2013-14

Mississauga, Ontario
January 29, 2014 6:38am CST
If you follow fashion passionately and love to maintain a home that is bang on trend, the chances are you already know where 2013 is headed. This year has seen the love of shabby chic evolve into true vintage, with people looking for genuinely old pieces rather than modern items made to look old. As well as the natural elements have played a major part in influencing the interior trends recently, with birds, butterflies and floral designs heavily featured in the on trend house. The love of nature has carried through into furnishings too, with rugged items and reclaimed oak playing a large part in 2013’s top furnishings. Handmade products have seen a massive shift, largely thanks to industrial power shifted to small ownership cottage industries by expansive social media sites. However, some have taken a different route and embraced the in vogue fashion for Victorian Furniture, teamed with lavish gold, bronze and metallic accents. So, in a nutshell, that was all about 2013. But what of the future? Which trends should you be following about now if you want to stay ahead of the mass in 2014? Here we would like to share some ideas that we hope will help you in redecorating your home: •Color: The colours for 2014 are, without a doubt, going to be fresh and impacting like bold yellow, turquoise, and lime. We’ve seen enough of teal and purple, but now the world is clamoring for something bolder, something happier and something that will make us feel pleasant and energized. • Pattern: Moving from the florals and bird prints and all natural themes we are seeing so much in 2013, patterns in general will take a roundabout turn. The old curtains of your granny? Get them out of the trunk, because these chintzy designs andvintage styles will be all the rage come 2014. • Ethnic: Alongside the come back of the olde-worlde patterns emerges a more exciting, more vibrant trend. Colorful old generation fabrics and primary colored wall hangings will be all the most famous next year, so get yourself motivated to search for some vividly colored gems of interior design. • Space: No, it’snot about just the final frontier. The other sort of space will be a high priority in 2014. People don’t like to feel trapped among the clutter, and minimalist living is going nowhere off the radar next year. If you’re drowning in clutter, it might be a good idea to reduce the load artistically and turn your home into the spacious haven you know it can be. • Touchy-feely: The sense of touch is as much important as sight and sound, but in the past has been sadly lacking in interior design. 2014 will see the revival of this sense, as upholstery that stimulate this sensual part of our senses hit the stores, ready to enter our homes with glee. Think deep ethnic rugs, suede seating and silky curtains all mixed together to provide a sensory paradise. • Craft: From the love of the cottage industry, handmade goods in 2013, 2014 will move into more high level crafts and more refined skill sets.
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