Obamacare What I have to get insurance yeah right!!!

@ANIME123 (2473)
United States
January 31, 2014 6:44pm CST
Ok so as we all know Obamacare kicked in and the deadline is coming up to sign up for health insurance. I feel this is unfair I can't afford to buy no health insurance and I'm only 21 years old and in good health. I don't have a job and I'm going to college, well I'll be transferring until fall to a UC maybe they will give me health insurance because it's a requirement, but that's not fair we are all gonna get penalized because we don't have health insurance. What has happened to this country. Thanks a lot Obama you ruined my life now. Well as for me I ain't getting no health insurance I rather take the $95 penalty instead of paying for expensive health insurance that I don't need. Man how I wish they would take that down they should allow people to choose to buy health insurance if they want and not get penalized for not. What has happened to our freedom, sob sob So my question to you all is what are you gonna do are you gonna buy into the whole health insurance or pass and take the $95 penalty this year?
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