Every Failure is a Great Lesson for Us to Grow with Improvement.

Daily Poetry and Stories Portal - Every Failure is a Great Lesson for Us to Grow with Improvement
Bangkok, Thailand
February 3, 2014 12:12am CST
Why we do not have the on and off switch on the body that we can use, this will be better when we have it in our life. Then we can make a good choice, because everybody in life make mistakes so maybe it is better to have a switch with three button to decide for small, medium or big mistakes. So that we can adapt to the person who join in our conversation and then be free to make a choice depending on how the communication is progressing. Every conversation which turns out to be a setback shall not defeat us, because we can learn from it. And every blunder we make in our life both private or business is also not a downfall for us, because we can learn to use it good as an informative experience. It will just prevent us from a collapse, because we can take preventative measures which will ensure that it not will become a failure. Think slightly further, it can help us to prevent that we will not fail and our pursue not can lead to a disaster, because we already carry out the necessary actions to remedy the situation, so our intelligence will be a blessing in disguise. Through trial and error we can be wise, so do not be afraid to do things wrong, but just go ahead with it. Life experience give us the opportunity to develop further and to achieve our ideals, of course there will be time and financial losses but in the end we won’t miss out on the goal we want to achieve. As we learn from our failure, we can improve our life and continue with learning the lesson. As long as we never give up, then we will grow in this society. I wish you a healthy life. Kindly Regards, Author Jan Jansen http://poems.easybranches.com/every-failure-a-great-lesson-for-us-grow-improvement.html
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