What Everyone Must Know Before Buying New Furniture

Mississauga, Ontario
February 4, 2014 12:10am CST
If you are really looking for a great value, you need to consider all the different aspects of your purchase. Unfortunately, price is not a very good indicator of the quality or value you are looking for. You can pay too much for a low quality item or may overlook a quality item for a good price because you don’t like the way the store looks from the outside. Not everyone knows What Everyone Must Know Before Buying New Furniture. The important thing to remember when Shopping for Furniture is to decide what you really want and then go for it. Also don’t be fooled by the “same” piece of furniture being offered at drastically different prices bydifferent stores. Worse yet, the best quality and poorest quality piece may both be offered at the same price meaning more profit for the retailer. Unless you know how to tell the difference, you could easily pay the high price for the poor quality piece.Just as buying a brand name you know is no guarantee you’re getting the best quality. 67 percent of those who buy wood furniture -- and more than 80 percent of those who purchase sofas -- have no idea what kind of quality they are buying, tells a recent survey about furniture shopping. "What they seem to do is buy for look, not for quality" and "It's the third most expensive purchase being made and yet they have little knowledge about it." And what if someone asks about leather furniture. When buying leather, it's important to listen to what the sales person have to tell about it. If he presents it as a leather match or says it is leather-like, then it's definitely not leather. Even brand-name manufacturers sometimes use cheap alternatives and cover it with paper printed with a photograph of a real wood finish. If you don't know what you're purchasing, you can easily be fooled. Manufacturer's warranties on wood furniture typically cover splitting and cracking for one year. On upholstered furniture, the warranty covers the frame. Top-quality furniture has a sense of weight, proportionality and solidity to it.Large cabinets, entertainment centers, sideboards, etc., should have leveling devices in the base. Quality manufacturers go for size and use more decorative hardware usually. Inspect hinges to determine if they are safely secured and can handle the load of the door.Entertainment centers should have electrical outlets, cable hookup, pullout TV swivel trays, “punch-out” back panels, pullout trays, and pocket doors that are used for smart storage. There is nothing more infuriating than buying expensive furniture, having problems with it, and then the frustration when you call the retailer back. We realize that you earn money the hard way. You deserve to get the best value for your dollar. Part of that value is being taken care of on the warranty or any other potential issues. However, most of Furniture Canada Stores promise that you’ll have the most enjoyable experience shopping for furniture that you’ve ever had. What you’ll experience when you walk in the door here is a pleasant assortment of gourmet teas and cookies, as much bottled water, or hot cider or lemonade as well. If you want you can set up an appointment before you come in, and they’ll have some things picked out already. That way you’re in and out in no time. No wasted time walking around the showroom. In addition, you’ll have a furniture consultant specifically for you to help you get all your questions answered and find what you’re looking for. And don’t worry. No hard selling. They understand that once you’re ready to purchase, you’ll buy from them if they’ve done a good job for you. So next time before shopping think What Everyone Must Know Before Buying New Furniture.
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