Qi Wireless Charging, Challenging Your Traditional Charging Way

Accord, New York
February 7, 2014 2:20am CST
Technology advanced, people now can charge your Phone without any cable. The convenient charging way owns to the Qi wireless charging technology. Qi is a wireless standard developed in 2009 by the Wireless Power Consortium. The standard itself covers inductive power transfer over short distances -- up to four centimeters -- and uses an electromagnet embedded in a transmission pad to induce current in a coil on the back of the thing you're charging. To encounter this new technology, currently, a number of phones from Nokia, Google’s Nexus range, and Samsung’s phones via an optional wireless charging cover use wireless charging based on the Qi standard. There are also a lot of Qi wireless charger pad occurred in the power bank market. Actually, at the core of Qi technology, wireless charging requires two components. First, the technology must either be built into the smartphone or tablet, or these smart devices must support the wireless charging feature via a third-party case or accessory. With wireless charging on the device, second, a wireless charging plate must be plugged into the wall. When a user sets their phones on these charging plates, wireless charging is achieved by not requiring a cable to be plugged directly into the device. This technology may sound like an unnecessary feature for many people. However, if you get a Qi wireless charger pad for your iPhone or Samsung, you could just set the Phone down on the wireless charging pad, no need to try to fumble with the micro USB charging cable.
Mini Qi Wireless Charger Transmitter Charging Pad/Mat/Plate for Nokia Lumia 920 Nexus 4/5 iPhone 4/4S Samsung Galaxy S3/Note 2 can wirelessly charge any Qi-enabled devices and mini size, ultrathin and portable when using at home, office, public area, etc.
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7 Feb 14
it is amazing