Bad Neighbor and Hubby is a COP!

Pflugerville, Texas
February 11, 2014 11:09am CST
In my opinion I am having issues with a neighbor's wife. The male (husband) is a deputy. She has harassed and made accusations about other neighbors with NO proof. I wouldn't put it past her to use her husband's resources to look up about people.. Recently she verbally assaulted me while I was outside and has in the past vandalized my yard as well as allowing her adult son to throw loud parties and stay up till 4am yelling. All the while as the "deputy" watches or is present. I have made several reports and called the cops this last time.. I was told by cops to NOT engage in verbal abuse coming at me and to Call them. unfortunately for me I did this last time but will NOT do that again. In TX we have a Class C for this type of thing; so they also told me to INVEST heavily into security cameras. I am in the process of doing this. I will also be investing into a camera that records AUDIO. This way I can capture her the next time she does what she did this last time. With that - she will eventually not be able to control herself and will do it again but with AUDIO there is NO question to the cops who is assaulting who.. of course she won't know it records audio !!!! I suggest talking to an attorney and get some cameras!! This will deter them and if it doesn't get an attorney and take them to court. Have COPS do an investigation into the issues. I am in hopes that my issues will subside once my husband gets the cameras up.. At least for us.. she may find a new target to bother... but at this point I am done dealing with her. Also, they bought the home and we are in an HOA so we really have NO recourse.. I would have to have evidence (hence the videos) to show the HOA & my event records I have got from the cops to have them legally tossed out of the neighborhood. It could happen but it would take YEARS .. but if for some reason it gets that bad I will go to an attorney..
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