relationship between Friends & Girlfriend

February 17, 2014 10:34pm CST
hi my lotters, I'm back after long 3 years. hehehe. i had a problem with my girlfriend. we are in the same house but not in the same room.. but, were livin like a married but that that married and it's complicated. shes a public teacher and i'm an office clerk in the municipal hall. i understand the things about her work and i know its so busy around when their school have some activities. the attitude that my GF had is that she values friendship so much, then, 1 day, she and her closest friend (can also be called best friend coz of they were friends since college years) in their school tackled an unexpected problem and it is indeed a BIG problem between them, now, shes depressed bout what happen.,, i don't want to ask her to explain to me what had happen to them but i hug her and comfort her.. it is 2 weeks have passed and i think she ok now, but i cant take it out on my mind why still she value too much her FRIENDS but when they got a problem, it could be a disaster for her. she even spent more time with her friends rather than me, her baby(she got her baby before i was her BF), her family but wen problem comes, it is only the time that we can spend more closeness to the house. i got jealous even if i can understand her attitude because we were a close friend before she answered me yes to be her BF. now, guys, can you advise me what to do so that i can't focus to feel jealous to her friends.
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• New York, New York
20 Feb 14
Being jealous is normal, but you need to understand that she has also some responsibilities for her friends. But I must say in any situation she must discuss each and every thing with you and give some time to you also. You must talk to your girl friend regarding this, it would be really helpful for you. All the best & don't get so jealous, you should have trust on you and always be with her.
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• Philippines
23 Feb 14
thanks for the help, i think i should manage my self first about this such word "jealous".. hehehe. thanks a lot ryan.