Decorating With Gold – The Color Story of Furniture Mississauga

Mississauga, Ontario
February 17, 2014 11:03pm CST
Gold, The soft yellow glow — the wordevokes images of elegance and richness. So it is not surprising that so many decorators love a room with a heart of gold. But as with all things precious, too much gold can be gaudy. The key to decorating with the lustrous, yellow-orange hue is finding the right balance between the extremes and exploring all of its varying tints and tones. To inspire you, this fascinating color story will demonstrate golden opportunities. Learn Decorating With Gold – The Color Story of Furniture Mississauga. The sophisticated and soothing scheme of monochromaticlends itself well to modern spaces. A monochromatic scheme for gold might feature a range of tones from light yellow to mystic gold staying within the same area on color wheelwhile using tints and shades of one color.All that glitters can be gold! It's a comforting tone, so it provides a harmonious palette for a welcoming setup thus creating a cozy yet elegant conversation area that could work in a corner of your great room, informal dining room or any other small space off your kitchen. And because there's a charming balance between the base color's varying tones and shades, the room creates a fine, warm glow. Sunflower yellow can be chosen for the wall color because it's right in the center of the spectrum, so it complements both lighter and darker shades of gold. Then, variations of this particular color can be used throughout the room, from the metallic gold credenza to the deeperand antique toffee leather accent chairs, to the mystic gold color of the area rug. And also in a monochromatic space, dark brown, chocolate, coffee and black accents can be added as a finishing touch to break up all that gold. The art and accents provide just enough contrast to give the eye some focal points. And let's not forget about hand-painted accent tables! The perfect punctuation piece because it features all of the tints and shades used in the room. Or you can go for complementary!Opposites attract as proven by this scheme, which pairs two opposite colors on the color wheel. These colors complement each other, adding interest and pleasant energy to a room. Looking at the color wheel, you can see that the complement of gold is blue-purple. Gold and blue-purple both being bold colors you have to tread carefully when working with a complementary gold color scheme to avoid a room that feels gaudy overwhelming. The best way to avoid such situation is to use the base colors sparingly and instead opt for their various tints and shades to soften your color scheme. In order to create a transitional bedroom, a lighter gold tone, suntan yellow, can be applied on the walls while a deep purple area rug can be used as a glamour complement. Then, the various tints and shades of this color combo should be sprinkled throughout the room, like the soothing lavender bedding and calming gold bed pillows. This variation in tone gives the space a sense of depth and vastness. And artwork is always an amazing way to work in your star colors—for instance a gold-framed painting in your room depicting lively purple hydrangea flowers! As with many complementary color schemes, working in some dull and neutral hues helps tone down your color scheme while also providing a striking contrast. The breaks of neutrals and white found on the curtains, basket and wall molding and even some of the subtle silver accents can help counterbalance the space.
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