More Reasons to Buy Canadian

Mississauga, Ontario
February 18, 2014 12:07am CST
With the hoard of choices in merchandise, both domestic and foreign, the buyer is left baffled and seeking help about where, when and why? If you want to make sense out of this chaos then consider more reason to buy Canadian. Most importantly Canadian Furniture is,designed right here in Canada by Canadian craftsmen who blend inspiration and elegant construction to retain local flavour. They realize and understand the special characteristics of native wood and recognize the growing importance of style, comfort and durability. Secondly, Canadian furniture is designed just for YOU. With stylish functionality, durable finishes, outstanding versatility, and minimum maintenance that meet your needs. Of course, well-cut contours, sleek lines, and trendy good looks don’t hurt either.Everything you need to harmonize your décor is right here right now. A big thanks to ongoing investment in research and development, furniture Canada continues to evolve and innovate. But never at the expense of form, fit and functionality for everyday use. Contemporary, yet timeless. Elegant, yet durable. And decisively luxurious. With individuality to match your own. Canadian furniture manufacturers are passionate about manufacturing quality products—from longer lasting materials to the perfect finish. That allows most furniture made in Canada to be passed on from generation to generation and retains its charm for decades.The decisive factor, the selection and quality of woodused in the construction of Canadian furniture is second to none. Maple, oak, birch, ash and other Canadian species ensure aesthetically appealing furniture best suited to our climate… and to your tastes. When you purchase furniture Canada, you also buy peace of mind. Since the manufacturer is in easy to access range, you’ll feel relaxed with dependable after-sales service and can find easy to follow tips for your furniture and keep it looking great for years. Let’s observe some facts over here. Furniture that travels halfway around the world to reach your homes adds to global warming and often accelerates deforestation in areas where regrowth is not that fast to maintain sustainability. Besides in Canada, strict logging laws mean that all those related with furniture industry have access to high-quality renewable resources based on fair trade practices. Canada furniture is manufactured in factories with modern techniques and workshops where employee safety and health is a priority. Canadian furniture manufacturers employ well-paid educated and talented artisans and seasoned workers in forward-thinking organizations that place sustainable growth at the forefront of business activities. Choosing Canadian furniture promotes local spending and fuels the Canadian economy. Throughout the country, small and medium-sized furniture companies pour more than 10 billion dollars into the domestic economy based on sales from hundreds of thousands of clients. Canadian furniture has set exceptional standards in quality and gets respect and appreciation from across the shores and borders: many Canadian manufacturers export their products and their sales abroad total over $1.2 billion per year. Plus, Canadian furniture generate opportunities for thousands of jobs at home - in large urban centres and small communities across the country.Furniture industry workers are devoted and hard-working individuals just like you; from skilled local artists to large-scale production giants, and the tens of thousands more who manage sales, promotions and exports. With the parade of styles coming and going: design and construction of furniture Canada always stands the test of time.Chic, fashionable, reliable, and unique, Canadian Furniture is always a good buy.
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