Why you should invest in a GPS watch?

Sri Lanka
February 19, 2014 11:02pm CST
If you step out of your house you probably will see someone going for a run to keep fit and healthy. This will be quite common whether you live in a bustling city or in the countryside. What is wonderful about running is that it can be done by anyone of any age, any physical strength and any time. Even though it can be done anytime of course it mostly in the morning or the evening is the time most people go for a run. A regular runner loves to use a GPS watch to make the process of running more effective and also make them find the way. The most common reason a runner would keep a watch is to record their performance. When you track the time it is a clear indication how long they can run a particular length of distance. When you have the regular time recorded, you can improve your running routine and try to run the same distance in a shorter period. That way you can monitor how fast you can run and how it gradually improves. Also most of the modern watches can record the statistics and save them to be downloaded to a computer. That way you can keep the records of your running routine that could be quite useful for regular monitoring. There are other watches that provide the pacer function where you can set your watch to activate the alarm at a pre-decided pace so you can match your running speed to that. A running watch with this feature is quite useful when you are going on a longer run and want to save your energy and not to burn out too quickly. While this feature can help anyone, it is mostly the marathon runners who get the most benefit from this feature. There are many other more complicated watches that come with various neat facilities. Some watches have the facility to monitor the heart beat rate of the user. This way you can have an idea how the body functions and if you should more effort in trying to reach your goal or if you can take your own time without straining your body. Also the other function of a good GPS running watch is the ability to trace your route with the GPS technology. If you do not want to run around the same old route everyday you can find different options to run and where ever you go you will have no problem to find your way back home. Also it will help to make your running a very exciting routine as everyday your running route will be different.
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• Mumbai, India
20 Feb 14
Every mobile phone now a days comes with free gps technology and everybody carries his / her mobile everywhere all the time so no need to buy and carry additional gadget which adds no value. so save money and spend that money on buyiing extra battery life for ur mobile.