Moradabad, India
February 20, 2014 11:05am CST
If we see ourselves with the eyes of others, we will find that we are villains. If we see ourselves with our own eyes, we are heroes. Why it is so? It is because nobody is capable of finding out his own mistakes. When we see our face in the mirror, we consider ourselves a handsome man. The reason is when we stand infront of the mirror none else is there with you to compare. Even the great persons are unable to criticise themselves because it is the most difficult job of the world. WE ADMIRE OTHERS ONLY TO BE ADMIRED. IN MY OPINION, THEY ARE NEVER ADMIRABLE WHO LISTEN TO THEIR ADMIRATION AND BE HAPPY. NOBODY IS BIG BY SELF PRAISE. IF YOU ARE SITTING AMONG THE ADMIRERS, YOU ARE A FOOL. IF YOU WANT TO SEE THEREALITY, YOU SHOULD HEAR THE TALKS OF THE PEOPLE BEHIND YOUR BACK FOR EXAMPLE I TELL YOU A REAL STORY OF A PRINCIPAL WHO WAS NEWLY APPOINTED. HE HE FEIGNED TO BE A DEAF. THE STAFF TEACHERS, THINKING THAT HE WAS DEAF, USED TO ABUSE BEFORE HIM AND THE PRINCIPAL DID NOT GIVE THE EXPRESSION THAT HE WAS HEARING EVERYTHING. After six months when this secrecy was revealed, the teachers were very much ashamed and apologised.
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