The Day Of Algebra

February 24, 2014 12:12am CST
i Woke up 8am Sunday .... i Study for 2 hours .. digging and digging my notes for more knowledge.. after an hour, im tired i eat and study again. after 5 minutes i stop and think something to lose my tiredness, i eat again, i find some meat in my kitchen, i cook, i ate bunch of meat's for 10 minutes, i cant sleep now, but im tired, i try to study again. I extend the 2 hours for 4 hours.. im to sleepy to study.. but i never give up.. i pursue to study and finish my notes. When the clock strikes at 12pm.. i feel this awful feeling again. Im tired.. but again, i never give up. i study harder and harder as the time goes by, the time reach 9pm and now, but still i cant stop to study. The time goes 12am, im going to sleep now. I wake up now at 9am.. i try to review again my Pcm, the clock strikes at 10am, i fix my self, i take a bath while thinking the notes, i fix my hair, im done, im going now to school. The Exam starts at 11pm , i came 10:30, i study again for 30 minutes, the clock is ticking. There is only 5 seconds remaining, i go inside the class, im scared, i feel nervous, my proffesor gave the exam and i answer. After 5 seconds while looking at the questions, Im Dead. I Cant breath After an hour, it is all done, im alive again. im glad im alive.
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@sarahluo (10)
• Shenzhen, China
24 Feb 14
you are a good student !