Best Education

Ujjain, India
February 25, 2014 1:08am CST
its not about only the reading books n complete our degree, it actually about our experiences that we learn during our education time by our friends, the strangers we meet. we learn how we have to talk, make relations and carry out them. its all we get during education. so the all over our personality development relates to the best education n good friends circle that we found in good circumstances. Princess Sweety Kaviraj.
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• Foshan, China
25 Feb 14
Yeah,I totally agree with you.Maybe we could learn a lot from books,but we get treasure experience from the people around us.Education is not just about lessons in class, it also includes lessons outside class.
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• United States
26 Feb 14
Hi cindy chow, It is great that we learn from those around us. We also learn some of the undesirable things too! Usually we can sort though most of the unwanted to use in our everyday lives. Activities as well as how to use words correctly when we communicate. I, of course only use English as my best, and actually only language. I notice that you also use English very fluently. I enjoy your intelligent comments. Thank you.
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• Foshan, China
26 Feb 14
@johnnygreybeard Oh,thank you for your appreciation. I enjoy your topics too.I learn a lot from them.
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• Ujjain, India
11 Mar 14
thank you so much cindy chow for your precious comment. with warm regards, princess sweety kaviraj