Key requisites for becoming a professional Drupal programmer

New Delhi, India
February 25, 2014 6:50am CST
Drupal has been successful in becoming a leading CMS (Content Management System) used by web developers all over the world. Custom Drupal development has witnessed a remarkable popularity since a couple of years. More and more web developers are switching to Drupal for an enhanced website performance. Moreover, Drupal development is seen as a fulfilling career option as well. A great majority of web development aspirants has started choosing Drupal for creating websites that cater to different purposes. If you belong to this group of Drupal development aspirants then you’ve reached the right post. Here I’ll be making you familiar with key requisites for becoming a trained and professional Drupal coder. Requisite No.1- Immense amount of creativity If you really want to build your career in custom Drupal development then it is absolutely essential for you to possess a great deal of creativity. You must be very creative and full of ideas that can be turned into great functionalities. Since web development requires you to have extensive ideas, it is necessary to brush up your creative skills to the fullest. Requisite No.2- Good understanding skills In order to become a professional Drupal programmer make sure to imbibe brilliant understanding skills. You must be competent in understanding the scope of project i.e. what all does the client expect you to deliver by the project completion phase. There’s a high need for brushing up your interpretation skills so that you’re able to unveil everything that the client wants to include in his/her Drupal website. Requisite No.3- Impressive marketing skills With offshore web development gaining grounds in today’s web world, it has become necessary for every web developer to possess brilliant marketing skills. In order to gather maximum Drupal development projects, you need to promote your work in an appealing manner. You must be capable of presenting your work in a manner that impresses the potential clients and encourages them to choose your services. Requisite No.4- Dedication towards meeting the project deadlines As an attempt to become a Drupal development pro, it becomes a must to portray your dedication towards meeting the project deadlines. You need to show your commitment towards completing web development projects on time, without compromising on the quality. Right from your very first project, you must be skilled in building a feeling of trust in your client’s mind. Your clients must be quite confident about your services and on-time project delivery guarantee. Requisite No.5- A good knowledge about project costing Unlike a novice Drupal programmer, a professional will always have an excellent understanding about the pricing of specific project development stages. You must be well familiar with the pricing for a project, basis the volume of work, complexity and urgency. Requisite No.6- An in-depth knowledge about Drupal basics As an approach to gain expertise in Drupal development, you need to possess an in-depth knowledge about Drupal basics. All the concepts and trends involved with Drupal web development must be clear to you and it must be easier for you to work on a website development project that is based on Drupal platform.
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