Moradabad, India
February 26, 2014 4:34am CST
We become very happy to defeat others but we do not know that none can be defeated by heart.ONE WHO HAS MORALE TO FIGHT TILL DEATH CAN NOT BE DEFEATED BY ANYONE IN THE WORLD. WHAT TO SPEAK OF YOUNG PERSONS, EVEN A CHILD CAN NOT BE DEFEATED IF HE IS COURAGEOUS. I give you an example of a child who fought out with the robbers who entered his house, the robbers thinking that he was merely a child, caught his parents on the point of gun but the child thought of a device he bit the leg of the robber so tightly that the gun was slipped from his hand and started crying, the robbers were frightened and hearing the shriek, the neighbours at once assembled. In this way the robbers who were two in number were caught red handed. ONLY HE IS DEFEATED IN THE WORLD WHO IS DEFEATED BY HEART. ONLY ONE CASE IS NOT THERE SO MANY CASES HAVE BEEN REPORTED BY NOW. NEVER LOSE YOUR HEART, ALWAYS BE A WINNER.
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