Deep groove ball bearing is what

Nanjing, China
February 26, 2014 7:18pm CST
Deep groove ball bearing is mainly used for pure radial load, also can bear radial load and axial load at the same time. When its only bear pure radial load, the contact Angle is zero. When deep groove ball bearings with larger radial clearance, which has the performance of angular contact bearings, can withstand a large axial load. Deep groove ball bearing small friction coefficient, limit rotational speed is high, especially in the axial load large high-speed operation conditions, deep groove ball bearings have more advantages than thrust ball bearing. Deep groove ball bearing is one of the most common type of rolling bearings. Basic of deep groove ball bearings have a outer ring, an inner ring, a set of steel ball and a set of cage. Deep groove ball bearing type code is 6. Deep groove ball bearing structure is simple, compared with the other type is easy to achieve high manufacturing accuracy, so easy to into a series of mass production, the manufacturing cost is low, is very popular use. Deep groove ball bearings in addition to the basic, along with a variety of variant structure, such as: deep groove ball bearing with dust cover; Deep groove ball bearings with rubber sealing ring; Deep groove ball bearings have locking groove; Have a ball gap big load capacity of deep groove ball bearings; Double row deep groove ball bearings. 1, the deep groove ball bearings with seals Standard with seals of deep groove ball bearings have a contact type sealed bearing RS (side), type 2 RS (two sides) and non-contact sealed bearings RZ type (a), 2 RZ type (two sides). With the performance of the sealing ring of bearing, add fat and use basically the same with the bearings with dust cover. Is different with dust cover bearing dust cover and has a larger space between the inner ring, and non-contact seal bearing sealing lip and the clearance between inner ring is small, contact seal bearing sealing lip with no space between the inner ring, sealing effect is good, but the friction increases. Have low noise requirements of the occasion, multi-purpose 60 and 62 series small size deep groove ball bearings. Whether open bearing, with dust cover with seals or bearings, can in order to ask for low noise, low vibration. JB in China (mechanical) industry standard stipulated in the V1, V2, V3 the vibration levels of low, medium and high three band vibration value. In SKF company also can provide low noise bearings, the rear bearing marked code QE5. 2, deep groove ball bearing with dust cover Standard with dust cover deep groove ball bearing and 2 Z Z type two kinds, one side with a dust cover is Z, two sides is 2 Z with dust cover. With dust cover bearing used in single lubrication is difficult, placed under the condition of lubricating oil way and check the situation is not convenient, complete note bearing in the factory to the quantitative, set the brand of rust, lubrication and lithium base grease. The amount of fat injections each bearing is usually valid for bearing 1/4 ~ 1/3 of the space, also can according to user requirements increase or decrease in fat mass. Injection of bearing grease usually can guarantee in - 40 ~ + 120 ? under the condition of operation. If the user have higher requirements for bearing, filling injection also can according to the real situation of other properties, type of grease. Bearing with dust cover after greasing can work effectively for a long time, do not need to add grease during use. With dust cover on both ends of the rotor bearing used in medium and small generator, motor, automobile, tractor, air conditioner, fan, etc., and have special request for the noise of the bearing vibration. 3, double row deep groove ball bearings The standard double row deep groove ball bearing is 4200 a, 4200 a type. Type A bearing no ball gap. Two reinforced nylon cage respectively from bearing insert on both sides. Double row deep groove ball bearing is divided have 1.62 times higher than that of single row deep groove ball bearing radial load capacity, can also carry axial load. 4, have a ball gap deep groove ball bearings Standard are installed in the deep groove ball bearing gap series 200, 300 two diameter. This kind of bearing in the inner and outer ring of bearing on one side, there are gaps, can load more goals, make bearing radial load capacity is greater than standard deep groove ball bearings. But the axial bearing capacity is small, can't run at a high speed. If there is a large axial load, the general need and a set of ordinary deep groove ball bearings. Ribbon ball hole structure of deep groove ball bearings have a variety of forms. With the structure of the dust cover variant has the advantage that the same as the basic dust cover bearing, bearing after an injection of lithium base grease can be use for a long time. With locking slot and stop ring structure form, commonly used in automobile transmission, can in the limited space within the limit bearing axial displacement, but also under the condition of little axial load, with smaller size of bearing larger radial load. 5, have a locking groove and deep groove ball bearing with stop ring Standard has locking slot of deep groove ball bearings, rear code-named N, locking slot and rear bearing with stop ring, code-named NR, in addition to zinc, variant ZNR structures, etc. Have locking groove and belt snap ring of bearing is divided have deep groove ball bearing can bear radial load function, stop ring can limit bearing axial displacement, simplified and the axial structure and reduce the axial size of the bearing. With the locking groove and stop ring bearing used in automobile, tractor and other more working parts of the axial load is not big.
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