Thank you for loving me so much

Shenzhen, China
February 27, 2014 8:53am CST
It was 20:00 when i arrived in home! Tired, hungry, that werwhat i was feeling. Fortunnily, i could eat hot food ASAP, my family cooked the dinner, what's more, there was one bowl of soup which was specially cooked for me. My deeply moved by my family. Life is not easy, i work over-time every day, i am lucky dogs that my family is here and supporting me without any condition. My dearest family, thank you for have been loving me so much. Your loves make me moving forwarder. I will still stumble and fall, i'm still learning to work and love. Dear All, thank you for loving me, i love you too.
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• Foshan, China
1 Mar 14
Yeah,our families are our strongest support in this world.Home is the warmest place.Wherever we go, home is the safest harbor and there has our dearest mom and dad.They love us so much.So much thanks to them for anything they do to us.Parents are the greatest people in the world.
• Shenzhen, China
2 Mar 14
Dear, thank you for you reply!!! Yes, home is the warmest place! Today is my dad's birthday! Happy Birthday to Dad!!!
• Foshan, China
2 Mar 14
Happy Birthday to your dad and wish your parent happy and healthy!