Never Give up

Shenzhen, China
March 3, 2014 8:47am CST
Today, someone called me and told me:"your English is so good!" His words reminder me something which happened long long ago. When i was a student, one of my classmate said-----how dare you speak English, your oral English is so poor! From that on, i seldom opened my mouth speak English.But today there was someone told me my English was so good! Dancy, pls don't pay too many attentions to others words, just do what you really want to do, just following your gut, and try your best to make your dreams come true. And at the same time, pls don't be a dream stealer, never laugh at other's dream, if you can, just encourage those people who have dream. Dancy, never give up and try your best to learn, do belive, everything will get better.
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• Moradabad, India
3 Mar 14
Never grant your defeat until you are defeated. Thanks.
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