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March 5, 2014 4:35am CST
Are dietary supplements (dietary supplements) very popular, as it deals with 114 million Americans - or nearly half of the adult population - a supplement at least one, including raising the total bill for nutritional supplements to more than 28 billion dollars in 2010 alone. It is easy to be aware of the reason behind the tremendous sales generated by dietary supplements , because there is a legitimate desire on the part of people to enjoy good health, while there is a strong desire on the part of industry supplements to achieve good sales. And everyone wants to know whether these supplements can help us or not, at the moment a few of these supplements, which are expected to help, and some more harm than good Are there any side effects or damage to take nutritional supplements? There are no have any side effects if taken in the right way.. And also if your body does not contain certain diseases, especially the digestive system, liver and kidneys. , but there are some symptoms that may appear on the sensitive objects, including: - The emergence of allergies are rare - A deficit renal (especially for those with kidney diseases) - Stomach disorders - Diarrhea - The muscle contraction - An inability to adapt to warming. Answer consultant physical therapy and the treatment of obesity , saying: There is no scientific evidence supports the widespread use of nutritional supplements for athletes, but it should be a warning against indiscriminate use it, and should be used only on the recommendation of specialists in sports nutrition, and should be on the players that keen on eating foods rich in calcium and iron, and must follow the young players to make sure their intake needs adequate food for growth and development, as well as provide for their needs of the energy needed to exercise, because many of the players and the young players need to increase the consumption of carbohydrates, protein and modifying dietary habits, which of requirements that will provide training and competition. May increase the risk that the players of the disease during periods of heavy training and stress, as it is after several hours of training violent, at least the performance and adaptability of your immune system, and carbohydrate intake during this period may overcome this phenomenon, also playing in the hot weather or cold, or at high altitude, as well as travel across time zones represents a pressure on the physiological functions of natural balance, metabolism, and nutritional balance for the entire body, and must accept that the change in performance is inevitable, and then the player conscious and a good coach should plan strategies training and nutrition to face environmental challenges. Notes scientific experiments have proved that drinking alcohol causes failure of performance, endurance and tasks of skill, so it should avoid drinking alcohol at all times, and must also avoid soft drinks during play, while it is useful to have a player plenty of fluids even before they feel thirsty , where you must eat liter every hour during play of water or juice, milk, and other drinks caffeine-free, knowing that energy drinks absorbs quickly from the stomach during the game, and that good nutrition has a lot to offer to the players, including improved performance and improve health. For Further Details visit My Site:
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