he choice of Marijuana lover

Chaoyang, China
March 6, 2014 9:34pm CST
At this moment, many continents already release related law to Legalize Marijuana cultivation, for marijuana can decrease the suffering extent for many patients, some times, can bring Inspiration for the guys in music scenarist , and so on . Surely, you know , still illegitimate. If you buy this kind of product from the market, it is truly expensive, accordingly many guys use tent , get some seeds, prepare lighting system , water system, soil… yeah, DIY job here. How to make it happen, here it goes Assume you want to cultivate 4 ~6 units from Germination to fruiting, then you need to prepare tent with area of 4”*4” , this kind of area could be enough for 4~6 units , I mean full phases, maybe, you think it is too big at the seeding phase, definitely, they will go into leaving, flowering, fruiting, they will take more area, especial for leaving phase. Ok Seed So you need to get some seeds, here luoke suggest something like this : 1 the seeds should be very big, how big is very big? The length over 17mm could be big enough 2 the color of seed need to be deep black, in the market , some of them is some red- black, this kind of seed is been matured by nature , it is by human , easy to become rotten. 3 Hard. You can use your fingers to press , “ ouch” you feel ? if yes, it could be very good, ‘ouch” the seed feels, that means, it still very young! Soil 1.5KG black , fertile , and PH= 7.3 around , that could be great, do not use acidic soil. Otherwise, your seed will die there. You dig one hole whose dimension will be 1cm*1cm, put your seeds there then cover it . Lighting This part is most important , LED GROW LIGHT IS ABSOLUTELY YOUR FIRST CHOICE For HPS consume more energy, and need big fan to cool the whole tent, also you need to change the bulb very often , easy broken. So what kind of led grow light is the better one 1 full spectrum , we call it as 630:660:430: 450:460:730, the best ration goes to 8:3:1:3:3:1 2 changeable lumen output, you see, in seeding phase too much lighting will waste your money. 3 High par value in the leaving phase , if over 386PAR/30 cm could be very good. 4 coverage, we can not use flashlight to light the marijuana , are we? Most of manuafacturer use different lens, Luoke suggest to use 90 degrees will be ok 5 How many watt will be better? 300w , 300w can replace HPS 600w, 90degrees angle so light usage efficiency will be better than HPS that is 360 degrees. You can easy get this lamp from Green Sun Provide full lighting system for you. the next will update soon….. key words: seeds, seeding, Marijuana cultivation, soil, seed, led grow light, green sun
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