Muscular Dystrophy

Rawalpindi, United States Minor Outlying Islands
March 13, 2014 4:13am CST
Enjoy the ability of muscle fibers to regenerate excellent (Regeneration) and fiber, which are suffering from necrosis (tissue death) fully replenished, almost. But when you get frequent cases of necrosis and regeneration, remain some of the damage accumulates, with the passage of time. It may not be renewed some muscle fibers. Altered muscle fibers damaged some macrophages (Connective tissue) and fat. Looking at the process by the microscope, the image formed is characteristic of muscular dystrophy: a few muscle fibers of different sizes (some damage or renewed) surrounded by connective tissue and fat. Despite the success and development of two major who realized in the diagnosis of these diseases, but he did not get a similar development in the field of therapeutic methods. With the exception of physical therapy (physiotherapy – Physio-therapy) and the use of auxiliary equipment and make repairs in a certain field of orthopedic (Orthopedic), there is no treatment would change the natural course of these diseases. In muscular dystrophy type (Muscular Dystrophy), for example, result in treatment (Steroids) to strengthen muscles and keep her for a few years. Attempts to insert a sound instead of gene in muscle cells (Gene therapy) different ways that smart did not achieve success, so far. Visit My Official Website:
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