praying for healing...

Cape Town, South Africa
March 13, 2014 6:57am CST
hi every one, my friend's 12 year old boy is fighting leukemia.. he has gone through radiation and is now gonna start with chemo therapy. can we all just keep Bridgette Fernandez and her ailing son Jarred Fernandez in our prayers please. Jarred is a talented soccer player dreaming of making it big one day. My brother coaches him and says that he has the absolute potential to make it big!! Also Bridgette is a bit worried about the high medical costs involving treatment cause by now the bill is already reaching R14 000, that's not even counting the chemo. So my brother and I have decided to go ahead and help with fundraising, so if anyone here has any ideas on how to go about organizing some fundraisers, please feel free to post your ideas an suggestions, anything that'll help get funds to help Jarred.. and please watch this space for updates on what we're planning on fundraising, maybe some of you will support when we start with some functions like karaoke's or cake sales etc..(those that are in the area ofcourse).. please drop any ideas off here or email me on with any fundraising suggestions. Thank you all in advance, please don't stop praying for Jarred Fernandez!!!!!!
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