Broken Dreams and how to cope with them:

Belmont, Ohio
March 13, 2014 11:26am CST
Broken Dreams and how to cope with them: Broken dreams hurt, they really do. We all have had dreams that we couldnt make happen. and when this happens we go threw a since of loss and self worthlessness. Do not be quick to give up on yourself. Sometimes the hardest moments we encounter are ones that will lead to greater strengths and a greater self-awareness. If you are struggling, keep pushing forward! If you have put up a grand fight for your dreams and are realizing they just might not be meant to be, have hope. While the very thing you thought you wanted is not coming to be, your strength and character are gearing up for the best fight yet to come; the road to your newest and deserving dream. Below are some things I am finding necessary to acknowledge and work through in order to move forward through my broken dream. If you know you are harboring a broken dream, big or small, I hope this list will help you find ways to move forward as well. It is time to start healing and dreaming again! Be Honest, Not Degrading Be honest with yourself. It is important to understand who you are and be able to see yourself in true form, not under the disguise of a mask caked with lies. Not much can be accomplished when you are too busy degrading yourself. Find Closure in the Past Perry Noble once said, “If you don’t let your past die, then it won’t let you live.” How true is that? The past is not the past if you are reliving it in your head every day. Do what you need to do- with closure there brings new beginnings. Forgiveness Who are you blaming for your broken dreams? Forgive yourself. Forgive others. Holding blame captive is not beneficial for anybody. Grieve Losses Grieve what you lost. Dreams are big. They are often a part of your life for a long time and lay close to the heart. Acknowledge the pain, let yourself feel the loss. As well as grieving personally, grieve publically. Share your pain with a safe person. Life becomes more real when shared with those around us. Change Attitude Your attitude towards life, towards yourself is crucial. Understand Timing/Needs of Dreams Certain dreams come with limitations- Recognize and learn to understand why they are set. Maybe the career starts at an earlier age than most occupations. Maybe there are height requirements. Health Understand there are certain health factors and illnesses that can stop a dream in its tracks; whether the health problem is something uncontrolled and unforeseeable or something brought on by the choices you made. Could Have Woes Don’t get trapped in the “could have” “should have” statements. While you could have been something great, you still are great and can definitely achieve greater! Adapt From the Broken Dream Fill the dream with something smaller in your life. Get involved with activities similar to what your dream would have consisted of. Just because your dream did not come true, that does not mean you have to be expelled from it completely. Don’t Limit After a broken dream it can be easy to limit your abilities, expectations, and wants. Just because something did not work out and you may feel leery of dreaming big again, that does not mean you need to limit or downsize your new dreams. You have much potential! Love Not Hate Lend yourself love instead of hate for the brokenness. Lessons/Empowerment Let your broken dreams teach you- Let them empower your future. Learn and be grateful. Take Action Do not sit in nothingness- Take action!
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