How Android Apps have tremendously amended the life of geeks

Delhi, India
March 14, 2014 7:47am CST
There was a time when geeks and nerds were not classified under the category of “cool”. All such individuals were ridiculed for the odd interests that range from the sci-fi movies to the reading of books and playing the games along with piling up the Nintendo Power Posters. In case, you are not so rich just like geeks, you might have made fun of all and there is nothing with which you have to feel ashamed. There are many applications that had been introduced with the advent of technology that were developed at Android platform and serves the best features to geeks. Top Android Apps for geeks: Type Machine: You might have used it and actually made it happening. You can start up with cranking out the huge block of text on the Android devices and the app will going to crash by causing you to miss the text and this might be possible within the mind. This will never going to be repeated again and again. The app will also allow you to archive almost everything that you will going to type in a highly secured way so that you can get it back later. Sky Map: This app is a must try app and those who have already done it can get started with it. Just execute the Sky Map and pin up your Smartphone in upward direction and proceed with going on the trip across the constellations. As soon as you will do this, your smartphone will automatically locate the stars in the right direction by employing the gyroscope and compass. Amazon Kindle: At the very depth, everyone will going to love good books. No matter, whether it is a fact or fantasy, our mind will take the creative and curly letters that must be using as per our imagination. Amazon has also launched their portable Kindle devices a few times ago, but their Android application is also recent release. Places Directory: This is definitely an awesome app launched by a renowned Android Development Company. for seeking the services and shops in your nearby locations. While ranging from movies to restaurants and taxi to medical facility, this app is highly accurate as it will offer you lots of advantages ranging from business details directly from Google Local option. The app is the perfect solution that you can avail from the GPS unit and this is also much better than that of similar apps. Superior Tactics: There exists a real time strategy that is also sometimes hard to pull-off from the mobile phones, but this app will make it happening in the very perfect manner. This game will take your command to the fleet of airships armed with the teeth and spoiling with the fight. There are also different 200 levels that will aid you with the blast and with the endless customizations that can be shipped. In order to get started, you can have a few ships along with the light weapons. Hire Android Developers, in case, you find any technical issues or you want any kind of customization.
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