dynamic rhythm dancing jewelry

Henderson, Nevada
March 15, 2014 6:54am CST
seemingly simple dance, they are accompanied by ten thousand years of human history, is a complex interpretation of the various ethnic and religious humanism, it is people's emotional expression through time and space. It is not hard to understand why that would be as dynamic rhythmic dance inspired jewelry designer opens a window to impress their soft artistic heart! Nimble dance when the United States was fixed static jewelry designer jewelry, who can not fond of this little gem space charm dance interpretation of it. dimensional sexy corset graceful waist is a woman most attractive place, and tie the waist more dancers that outlines the charming waist, so that the curve is completed exhaustive. Louis Vuitton will most dancers waist lines integrated into the details of the Cabaret Series jewelry, put this sexy locks flowing between the colorful gems. layered skirt flying best embodies the vibrant and dynamic than the dancers dance skirt that float in the air flying, and how this soft dynamic scene to heavy jewelry in it now, Boucheron's Louise series, platinum combined with gold to create a wave-like undulating fluttering skirts, diamond and emerald colors will show the level of the skirt was perfectly fine, but the atmosphere of that wonderful dance performance thoroughly. imaginative exaggeration earrings flamenco dance in Spain Gypsies, Gypsy Rovers the 14th century mystic fusion of oriental style dance in their pungent brought to Spain. When love traveled Tiffany & Co. Designers Elsa Peretti enjoy flamenco dancers that exaggerated earrings sparkle has inspired her to design Sevillana series, although it is simple and allows unrestrained dance had a Modern interpretation. lines of ballet charm Chow Tai Fook jewelry senior ballet series, with soft lines, and rose gold with diamonds, to interpret the ballet of grace and elegance, though it is a different perspective and approach, allows people to enjoy the ballet dance form and rhyme . diamond turning soft lines from Baunat Dancing Lady Maybe you do not see a series of pictures or dancers dance gestures, but you have to admit, since the soft curves, and since the turn stacked together, you will undoubtedly feel the true dancers enlivened trajectory, I think this is the soul of dance jewelry! metal intertwined sexy track Who cold hard metal, jewelry series in Pomellato Tango, Tango dance rhythms and dancers stalemate, twisted metal design on the interpretation of the head, and then with the same color stones inlaid, Tango dancers sexy charm ready. Source Hefei Fashion Network, if reproduced, please indicate the source.
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