Coffee as One of the Largest Commodities in the World

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
March 17, 2014 12:42am CST
No other beverage is as popular in the world as coffee. While coffee continues to climb in popularity each year, it also has become one of the more revered commodities in the world. 7th Avenue Roastery takes this revered commodity and turns it into a great roast that Americans love, especially in the Midwest. The exporting industry estimates that coffee is a $20 billion dollar a year industry. The reason it is so revered is because it is consumed by most of the industrialized nations of the world. One of the reasons that coffee is the second largest commodities in the world is because it is currently grown in over fifty countries, with almost seventy percent of that being grown in the Americas. One amazing statistic shows that coffee is currently consumed by half of all Americans who are over the age of eighteen each and every day. What makes these numbers even more impressive is of all those Americans that are drinking coffee, they average over three cups each day. To show how much of an impact coffee has in the Americas alone, the third largest restaurant chain is currently Starbucks. The United States continues to consume the most amount of coffee overall, and even though fair trade coffee is only a very small portion of the overall market, it is currently the most popular in the world. The fair trade coffee was only implemented to give coffee growers a larger cut of the profits and better working conditions in which to harvest their crops. Major companies like McDonald's, Starbucks, and Dunkin' Donuts are currently carrying fair trade coffee in their establishments for their customers to enjoy. One of the reasons however that coffee is revered by many in the world is because of the fifty countries that currently have the highest rate of deforestation in 1990-1995, thirty-seven of them were all coffee producing countries. The demand for coffee in the world is depleting these forests at a record rate, part in reason to the new trend toward growing coffee in the sun. It had long been popular to grow coffee in the shade, but in order to help increase the yields, growers discovered less trees helped to grow the coffee more effectively. For coffee local to Oklahoma that comes from some of the best coffee nations around the globe, check out the OK coffee roasters at 7th Avenue Roastery.
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