Sushi – What is it? Where it came from?

College Park, Maryland
March 18, 2014 11:43pm CST
To some, it is an ornate cuisine that can be savored. To others, it is raw fish and they wouldn’t touch it. No matter what you think of sushi, it is a delicacy that is relished around the world. This Japanese tradition is not so Japanese. In fact, sushi was first discovered near the Mekong River in Asia around the 7th century. Today, it is made all over the world with each country having their own variations. There are two basic types of sushi; the first includes raw fish rolled with rice. The second type is raw fish minute the rice, this is called sashimi. The word sushi means soured fish. While the fish that is served in most parts of the world is not sour, some Japanese towns still observe the old style of sushi. The fish in Narezushi, is wrapped in fermented rice. This gives it an extra sour kick that some crave. However, this is hardly the common practice anymore. It is said that sushi was discovered as a way of preservation. Sushi is fermented fish. Back in the 7th century, they had no way to protect their meats except to cover them in salt. They would clean the fish and slice it into fillets. The fillets would be pressed down in heavy layers of salt and then a stone would be placed on top. For weeks the fish would sit in this salt mixture and ferment. After a few months, fermentation had completed and it was ready to eat. Things evolved and people would soak that fish in vinegar covered in rice and the fermentation process quickened. Though they would toss the rice, the fish was tasty. When droughts hit Asia, the rice was too precious to throw out and it was consumed too. This is how sushi was created. Since the 1970’s the sushi industry has taken off. There are more than 5,000 restaurants dedicated to this delectable treat. Though each country may add their own flavorings to the rice or fish, the concept is still the same. The nutrient values of sushi have drawn quite a following. This low calorie, high in amino acid treat is perfect for dieters or those who want to consume a healthy, fat free diet. If you're craving sushi in College Park, MD, then you have a great café to satisfy your craving – Shanghai Tokyo Café. Here you can find sushi, along with tons of other Asian dishes that you are sure to enjoy. Get a full menu and details online at
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